Céad Míle Fáilte Romhat!

A hundred thousand welcomes to you.


Artist Statement

Magan Wilson is a textile designer and former potter with a love of plants, experimentation, cats, and the hidden beauty of the natural world. Her love of glaze chemistry and form transformed into a love of dyes, fibre, felt, and knitwear. Her work catches the wholeness of existing in the present. The wild nature of the world that flourishes on the fringes of awareness. Chasing the idea of a 'wild night' you can find her work via her alias of Oíche Rua (EE-ha RU-ah), an Irish phrase capturing the chaos and wild beauty of the night sky.

Artist Bio

Magan Wilson is a textile designer with a love of ceramics, experience with Lithography, and paper making. Often seen in thigh high striped socks and aran sweaters, she tries to bring humour to other’s lives through small deeds. She has travelled from her home in Ontario to Germany, B.C., to N.B. where she attended NBCCD, and back to her home biome in the Carolinian Forest of South Western Ontario. With a small love for rock climbing and a large love for cats. She believes that art heals. Magan was found sketching new forms, fiddling with colour composition, or cackling over the flames of the gas kiln. Currently, she plots new colour palettes, examines sweater construction, and cackles over a dye pot with her new cat, Nuummite.

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