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Ink Making Workshop

Ink Making Workshop

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Create a custom ink for your beloved fountain pen or brush. Inks can be made from various pigments suspended in water. From both natural dyes and mineral pigments. 

In this workshop, students will extract pigment from natural dyes as a base for their ink. Then mix natural pigments and mineral pigments to customise their colour. They will learn the difference between dyes and pigments, how to extract colour, how to suspend the pigments with a binder, methods to prevent the ink from spoiling, and depart with their own vial of uniquely coloured ink. This personalised ink can be used for writing or painting with.

All materials will be provided. If students have a particular vial in mind for their ink, ensure that it is between 40-50mL.

This course runs April 7th, from 6:30-9:30PM

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